IUERDK exists to allow educational institutions the opportunity to influence the development, refinement and delivery of the products and services entering the educational setting in the world so that those products and services can best meet the needs of children. Because the schools and districts that IUERDK superintendents lead are important consumers, IUERDK gives them a unique opportunity to comment on and shape what goes into the schools they serve. No other venue in this world offers institutions the chance to help create and streamline the products that affect the lives of the learners who will build a new future for our world!


IUERDK is proud to work closely with superintendents across the country. These superintendents are seasoned, leading experts in the field of K-12 education. These national leaders are the men and women who serve on IUERDK consulting panels. To learn more about IUERDK panels, please complete and e-mail the “CONTACT” page.

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