Institute of United Education Research & Development for K-12


IUERDK goals are to conduct scientific research and build capacity for educators and institutions in order to contribute to the educational reform for advanced and modern education systems in the world.


Core Principles


 Not for profit       Non-governmental organization      Independence  Collaboration

                                                        Advanced education  


Not for profit - As a non-profit, all revenues are directly filtered back into the development and execution of IUERDK’s core activities that serve the education community.


Non-governmental organization - IUERDK is an NGO, non-partisan and functions within the legal systems internationally.


Independence - IUERDK will provide clear, thoughtful, accurate, and independent analysis on vital education issues.  IUERDK will hold itself accountable as the foremost education research and training institute through conducting evidence-based research and pursuing an open-minded inquiry that is inclusive of diverse points of views.


Collaboration - As an independent education organization, IUERDK also seeks to partner and collaborate with local and international institutions, such as private companies, governmental organizations, NGOs, the civil society, as well as educators in world to achieve its institutional mission and goals.  IUERDK strives to be the leading force in education by gathering the best minds in the field - locally and internationally - so that a balanced and informed discourse can be created around education issues in the world.


Advanced education - All of IUERDK’s activities focus on the institute's sole mission to reform and transform the education in the world and it towards an advanced and enlightened society through education.